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HER life stories.

.13 December 2009@1:22 PM.


yes Nina, he's a dancer.
and to reality: i dont care about his looks. i dont care if people thinks he's gay. he's with me, so obviously he's not gay. he's nice to me, and that's all i need. thanks for your concern anyway:D

.09 December 2009@3:10 AM.

It's three-ten a.m right now and i'm still awake. Why? All thanks to my brother for waking me up. Was asleep at one a.m just now, but was awaken twenty minutes ago. We ordered McSpicy Meal for me and Mega McSpicy Meal for himself. The order will arrive by four a.m. I can't believe i'm so hungry right now. So hungry that i think my stomach's playing a rock song already. Haha. Okay then. Write again soon.

Risa Chan:D

.08 December 2009@11:09 AM.

see this guy? he's muhd irfan. and he's my BOYFRIEND. yes, i'm attached on 07.12.09. hee:D so so happy to be with him. k gotta go. i love you baby:D

Risa Chan:D

.27 November 2009@10:11 PM.

it's a terrible day today. my dad's car met with an accident. a car hit my dad's car from behind and my dad's car bumped onto th front car. it happened a while ago around 7plus at Johor. my family and i were on our way back from Kota Tinggi. i swear i was very scared. my head hurts, both front and back. my sister's lower lip was bleeding just now. my mum's chest hurts. i hate car accidents. my dad's car is a trash now. really. th boot can't be closed. both th back and front of th car is damaged. i can't bear to know how much my dad have to pay fo all this. shite.

.22 November 2009@4:24 PM.

we were sitting on a bench, just the two of us. sitting by the seaside with the cold breeze brushing our faces. you covered me with your sweater and hugged me tight. we sang, and we laughed at our stupid jokes. i felt sleepy, you made me stay awake by tickling me. then you felt sleepy, and i bit your cheek. i love that night.

.12 November 2009@11:04 PM.


Thank you and lots of love to:
Mummy, Daddy, Abg Fir & Along, my one and only family.
Khairil & Fyzah, my bestfriends.
Nabila & Wani, my BbyGs.
all my classmates from Hotstuff Academy.
Joseph Tan, Ruhaizad, Kak Jaja, Kuxy, Norman, Haqim, Nasser, Helmi, Ben, Danial, Abu, Raden, Hasif, Rahmat, Bainy, Abg Khanafie, Fadhil, Fida, Halis, Ahmad, Yazid and those who wished me at Facebook as well:D


i love today.
Risa Chan:D


.10 November 2009@11:09 PM.

here's something random.

basically, i am DISGUSTED, yes very much disgusted, seeing couples kissing and hugging in school. i mean, its SCHOOL people! go get yourself a room. what's your motive anyway? making me feel jealous? well, you failed okay? am not jealous but just a piece of advice, "GIRL, PLEASE HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR YOURSELF. thankyou:D" sorry to say that you looked cheap. that's all.

Risa Chan:D


.09 November 2009@8:28 PM.

holla earthlings! i didn't really update this blog often due to lazy-ness. hee:D even if it's updated, it's not a proper one. so yea, let's begin blogging now!


went karaoke-ing with mummy, abang and kak jaja at cashbox. kak jaja wanted to celebrate my birthday since she won't be free on any other days this week. so, it's her treat la. first, mummy and kak jaja go down to the room first while i accompany abang smoke. actually not accompany only ah, join sekaki! hahaha:D after smoking, abang brought me down to the room. and jeng jeng jeng, a birthday song was heard and an appetising cake on the table. i felt so touched la. sweet jugak dorg ni eh? after cutting the cake, kak jaja handed me Esprit bag and birthday card. inside th bag, you know got what? ESPRIT TSHIRT. goddamn nice. seriously:D sayang kak jaja and abang alot! after th karaoke session and makanmakan, time to head back home. thér was school tomorrow. *sobsob* but i swear i had a fantabulous time that night. special thanks to kak jaja and abang.


went to town with FyzahSweetheart and WaniBbyG. we walked and talked and joked around, well, basically we had fun. was supposed to have an interview at the coffee club but we told th manager that we're in a rush(actually NOT). i suddenly felt like there were butterflies in my tummy. was so nervous, especially after FyzahS said that their expectations are high. brr~ we then took 190 to esplanade. after we had enough of walking, we decided to just get a place to sit and chat. bought drinks, i mean FyzahS bought Peach Tea and i bought Coke, not alcoholic drinks:D the three of us tried and tried to open the Peach Tea but failed again and again. we gave up and asked this chinese guy for help instead. he could actually open the drink for less than 10seconds. so is he strong or are we weak? *wonders* then we train-ed back home.


first of all, whatever happened on this day was totally unplanned. i woke up, it was 12 in the afternoon. checked my phone and received calls and messages from friends. someone asked what i was doing, th rest asked about working at Conrad. yes. work. went to work at Conrad as a banquet waitress from 5.30pm to 12mn. it was so damn tiring. and my arms are muscular now. hahah! glad there was a transport home. i won't be talking much about work. cos its not interesting at all, to me. so yea ,thats it for that day.


AHHA! this day. had heaps of fun. phototaking at NabilaBbyG's house. camwhore here and there. hee:D watched pocong2 with NabilaBbyG, WaniBbyG and AshrafO. WaniBbyG was not watching but she was stll scared to go home alone. so her darlingFarhan fetched her home. as fo me, who else can i ask kan? KhairilBFF fetched me, not at cck but at the busstop in front of our block. sweet jugak la tu kan KhaiBFF? sent me to my doorstep. that's about it.


today? i'm sick! got an MC. CCK Poly sucks. i hate all the doctors there. i was sick and i waited fo 3hours for my turn! fucktards. patients who arrived after me, got to go first. i hate Polyclinics. bleargh~ lucky KhaiBFF acompanied me. if not, i think i'll rot alone.

okay then readers. till here my post will be.
Risa Chan:D

.02 November 2009@8:55 PM.

well this post wil be full with pichas. since i'm too lazy to really update.


celebrated mak iz, my aunt, birthday at her house in bukit batok. bought a chocolate cake using mummy's money, of course, but chosen by me:) it's her 61st birthday on th 30october. semoga panjang umur dan ditambah rezeki okay mak iz:D

.birthday cake chose by me:).

.mak iz and her birthday cake.

.mak iz and her grandchildren.

.mak iz with bapak iz and my parents.

.mak iz with family.


had effing lots of fun in school just now. me and eypuldarling doodled on our books. drew all kinds of things. from clown, to dinosaurs to powerpuff girls and more. i kept losing to eypul, cos his drawings seems to be alot more cuter than mine. nabey. hahaha! but it's okay. i'll keep practicing and definitely will keep on doodling:D after school went to JP with Rima, Apan, Eypul, Taufiq, Wani, Nabila and Ashraf. had KFC first before heading to NTUC to get some stuffs for our DSA project. then everyone train-ed back home. the end.

.my robot and alien.

.my frankenstein.

.eypul's clown.

.eypul's drawing, the girl in the drawing is me, that's what eypul said -_-.

.nabila risa.

.risa wani.

.taufiq eypul apan.

.27 October 2009@6:02 PM.

while waiting for FyzahSweetheart to call and meet me, let's blog about what happened today.

school was tiring just like the other days but today was more boring. went to school with Lina earlier today. since RimaMummy and EypulDarling gotta go first. as usual, HL milk is a MUST buy in the morning:D Taufiq and WaniBbyG were absent. so that explains why i was bored in school.
however, my boredom ended when there was a scene between my class and th other class, i shudnt mention what class it is. all i can say is "girls..," oh no wait! "bitches.., please watch your mouth and be more matured, think wisely before you wanna do or say anythng." when you're messing with one of us, you're actually messing with all of us. idontknow whether th apology made was sincere or not, but i can tell that this thing has not ended yet. saying my darling's gay, mentioned it out loud and showing your motherfcuking middle finger to my sedare when they basically did nothing to you girls. kau bikin klaka kape? tsk3. all of you, well maybe not all, should really act like your age. okay then that's all about th drama.
around 1pm like that, me, EypulDarling and Miss Lim proceed to DSA at Telok Blangah to discuss about our Christmas' Event. after it ended, we went to Tiong Bahru Plaza and sat at McD to discuss more about the project. Ms Lim sunnguh baik nyari. she treated us at McD. smlm dpt ah tu. hahahah! okay then, i gtg. bye:D



.24 October 2009@10:38 PM.

something random. enjoy! :D


.18 October 2009@8:32 PM.

well, i had effing lots of fun with HA dearies yesterday. went to Sentosa to celebrate NabilaBbyG's birthday:D people like TaufiqHomeDad, DiyHoney, WaniBbyG, RimaMummy, AshrafBbyGBF, FarhanBbyGBF and ApanUpin were around that makes the day at Sentosa fun-tastic! i wish there'll be more outings like this. we went swimming, played Dog&Bone, looked at Bangla being carried by lifeguards to the shore. yes, there was a Bangladesh guy saved by th lifeguards. tsktsktsk. after everyone had enough of the beach and sea, we proceed to VivoCity to slack at the rooftop. NabilaBbyG, AshrafBbyGBF, TaufiqHomeDad and me took 188 around 10.30pm. TaufiqHomeDad accompanied me home (aww, that's so sweet homedad! hahaha:D). and that's the end of the day. i'm terribly lazy to type. so yea. enjoy looking at the pichas okay?


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.16 October 2009@9:10 PM.

here's something random since i'm bored. let's write something about relationships with a friend. what'll you do if you fell in love with your friend? here's a random story written by me, yes me. enjoy:D

Hailey and Chris has been friends for a few years. Hailey's not aware that she's beginning to fall for Chris and Chris does not realise that Hailey's falling for him. Chris had been sharing almost every single thing with Hailey about his past, present and even what he planned for his future. At one moment, Chris told Hailey that he has a huge crush on Hailey's bestfriend, Anna. Hailey was dumbfounded. she just gave Chris a hug and told him to go for it. upon reaching home, tears rolled down her cheeks. she was so heartbroken, but she knows that there's nothing else that can be done. Hailey decided to give Anna a call.

Hailey: "hey, what ya up to?"
Anna: "chatting with Chris. you know what? he asked me out on a date! *laugh* he's kinda cute, isn't he?"
Hailey: "haha. ya. he is. update me more about the two of you, okay? i gotta go. love you bff! bye."
(hung up the phone immediately)

well, that's about it. i've no idea how to end th story. hahaha! so yea, if you have any comments or advice to what Hailey should do, just tag me okay? chiao.



.@12:17 AM.

so here's a post specially for my sweetheart :D HAPPY SEVENTEENTH BIRTHDAY DARLA! this girl here, her name is nabila jalil aka nabilaBbyG. i hope you'l be happy forever with your loved ones :D that's it. goodnight!


.13 October 2009@9:20 PM.

i'm fcuking tired. i swear. it has only been 2days schooling but i felt like it's been a week. th long school hours everyday makes me feel like a working woman already. here's th time from monday to friday.

monday: 9am to 5pm
tuesday: 8am to 4pm
wednesday: 8am to 5pm
thursday: 8am to 4pm
friday: 8am to 1pm

this is too much man! everyday start at 8am??! o-em-gee.! i used to like wednesdays. but not anymore. kalau keje, loaded siak aku. this term, there are 4core modules for us. i think that's the reason our timetable is like this. sheesh~

well, today i reached home at 7pm. even tho school ended at 4pm today, Diy, WaniBbyG, NabilaBbyG, Ashraf and EypulDarling had to stay in school to discuss about our project. it was given since July. but yet to progress. my role is, as usual, secretary to EypulDarling. i've to like call this and that. hmm. i'm a good secretary right? hee:D *kening naek2* i cant elaborate more on th project. cos it's private and confidential i think. hahaha,.

and anyway, my GPA... *shakes head* 2.2, pathetic? yeah, i think so too. i have to do better. alot more better. i wanna go poly! hahaha! mcm paham -_-"
okay then. that's about it. bye.



.10 October 2009@12:31 PM.

above are pichas of th admission tickets fo gx5 swing and th gx5 swing itself. me and Nabila rode that yesterday. i swear i was fcuking scared. but i chose to overcome my fear by pretending that i'm not nervous at all. hahha. only god knows how i felt last night. i'm also proud of Nabila. she managed to overcome her fear too. she was muchmuch more nervous than me. overall, th ride was fun&crazy. i love it!
had a great time yesterday with Nabila and Ashraf. they accompany me go shopping. went to cineleisure to have our lunch. then proceed to cineleisure fo me to shopshopshop! i bought a Le Coq Sportif side bag and a pair of Ripcurl slippers. i love them. really! hahah. below are pichas of th bag and slippers.

lawa kan? hee:D k then. gotta go. XOXO.


.08 October 2009@9:32 PM.

went out with mummy to watch 4bia2 just now at lot1. just th two of us. mummy, adeq sweet kan? *kening naeknaek* hahaha! mummy talked alot during th movie. and i have to keep on reminding her to talk softly since she talked quite loudly in th cinema. heh. th movie was great,. i think. hee:D okay then. that's all. XOXO.
& i love you, mummy. alot okay? ;)


.07 October 2009@2:02 PM.

going off to watch Singapore Idol live at Mediacorp later on with mummy. got the tickets from Faizal since he asked whether i wanna go or not. of course i want la kan. *smilesmile* have to reach there by 6.45pm. but me and mummy still wondering how to get to Mediacorp. will flag a cab maybe. hmm. actually there's nothing much to blog about. but since i'm bored, let me just "promote" my friend. hahaha.
th picture below is FAIZAL ISA, one of th Singapore Idol contestants. do vote for him tonight. voting line is on from 8pm to 10pm. so yea. catch Singapore Idol live on channel five live tonight! XOXO


.@1:34 AM.

had alot of fun with HA dearests on th 051009. supposed to meet everyone at 1pm but me, khairil, nina, taufiq and haikal head down to Nabilah's crib first. th rest reached quite late. after that to my home. mummy cooked macaroni goreng. delicious you know. *stick nose up high in th air* heh. moved on to aqilah's and farhan's. then we proceed to lin's. took 960 to bugis then MRT to tampines. and another bus to Lin's house. waduh. troublesome. but it's okay. anything fo duit raye. hahahah! *slaps knee* th journey back to cck from tampines is not as long as i expected. maybe because me and khairil talked alot, of CRAPS! hahaha. reached home around 12.30am.

he's mine! risa&eypul, couple of th day :D


met Bainy and Atiqah in th afternoon. went to Fyzah's house, lpak. watched Hindustan at her house. i cried. but tk rabak ah. crite touching taw. hahahah. went off around 6.30pm. reached home and went online immediately. felt fcuking dizzy just now. terrible headache all of a sudden. oh god! okay then. gotta go. currently talking on th phone with KELING :D XOXO.


.05 October 2009@11:15 AM.

well, this will be a post full with pictures taken on 030909. so, let th pichas do th talking. bye :D

my couple fo th day, Khairil :D

&& i just cut my hair this short! omg.


.02 October 2009@2:42 AM.

i should be resting right now, but i insist on staying up late. i've not been feeling well since th past few days. went to cck poly on wednesday and i had to wait for freaking 3hours to see a doctor. thanks eh. with my head spinning, throat itching and sneeze everywhere. thankgod, i wasn't alone. finally, i got to see th doctor. y'kno what? i waited fo THREE hours and th doctor only checked me fo less than 10minutes. he took my temperature, examined my eyes.
and said "you're suspected to have H1N1. take your temperature regularly and come back if your temperature rises to 38degree celcius."
i looked at him and nod blurly. i still don't get it. just because it's H1NI season, everyone who is sick have H1N1 ah? haiyoo. furthermore, he never check me properly. you call yourself a doctor? urgh, please. okay then. that's all for now. will update again soon. XOXO *smooch*


.23 September 2009@12:17 PM.

yaw.. let's blog about yesterday(= went out with my brother to town. treated him Breeks at Takashimaya as his advanced birthday gift since iwon't be free on th 25th september. mkn bnyk sia si lahabau tu. hahaha. i also bought fo him a belt, with a buckle that can keep Zippo lighters. cool taw(= then he went off to meet kak Jaja around 4pm. i then proceed to teckwhye to meet fadhil. went to lot1 after that, Fadhil accompany me shopshopshop! i bought 2pairs of shoes, and a bikini. hee(= had a real great time with everyone yesterday. then at night, Asyraf and family drop by my house. "lpak" at my house until 1.30am. kecoh bro! when Risa's family + Asyraf's family = chaos! hahahah. okay then, gtg . meeting Asyraf first before going out. chiao(= XOXO, *smooch*




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